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How to Write IMEI on Malata L550

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These are the instructions to Write, Change, or Fix IMEI on Malata L550 Smartphone using the SN Write Tool.

Caution: Writing, Changing, or Fixing IMEI may wipe or delete the data from the device. Therefore, We recommend you to take a backup of your data before following the tutorial below.

Write, Change, or Fix IMEI on Malata L550

Write, Change, or Fix IMEI on Malata L550 device, follow the below steps:


  1. Your device should have at least 50% battery.
  2. Take a Backup (if the device is in working condition).
  3. Download MediaTek Driver
  4. Download SN Write Tool (latest)
  5. Download AP BP Base

How to Write, Change, or Fix IMEI on Malata L550

Assuming you have downloaded all the three files on the computer, i.e., MediaTek Driver, SN Write Tool, and the AP BP Base (database). Let’s begin with extracting all the three zip files so that you can get these three folders:

IMEI Files
  1. Open MediaTek Driver Folder (i.e Folder 1):
  2. IMEI MTK Driver
  3. In MediaTek Driver Folder, Open Install Drivers.bat file to launch the driver setup window:
  4. Mediatek Driver Setup
  5. Once the MediaTek Driver Setup window is launched, Press any key (from keyboard) to install the driver:
  6. Mediatek Driver Setup Open

    Once the installation process is completed, Press any key (from keyboard) to exit the setup window.

    Mediatek Driver Setup Done
  7. Open the SN Write Tool folder (i.e Folder 2):
  8. IMEI SN Write Tool
  9. In SN Write Tool folder, double-click on the SN_Writer.exe to launch it.
  10. SN Write Tool Open
  11. Once SN Write Tool is launched, Click on the System Config button:
  12. SN Writer Config Button
  13. Untick the Barcode, BT Address, WiFi Address, MEID checkbox, IMEI Checksum.
  14. SN Writer Config Untick
  15. Tick on the Dual IMEI checkbox, if your device is having Dual SIM support.
  16. SN Writer Config Dual SIM
  17. Click on the MD1_DB button and Locate the BP File from the AP BP Base Folder (i.e Folder 3).
  18. SN Writer Config md1 SN Writer Config Select BP
  19. Click on the AP_DB button and Locate the AP File from the AP BP Base Folder (i.e Folder 3).
  20. SN Writer Config AP SN Writer Config Select AP
  21. Click on the Save button:
  22. SN Writer Config Save
  23. Connect your Device to the Computer.
  24. connect mobile computer
  25. Once your device is connected to the computer, click on the Start button:
  26. SN Writer Start
  27. Input the IMEI number in IMEI_1 and IMEI_2 box and Click on the OK button:
  28. SN Writer Input IMEI
  29. Once the writing process is completed, you will be able to see the Pass message on the tool.
  30. SN Writer IMEI Success

    Congratulations! You can verify the IMEI by dialing *#06# on your smartphone.

Readme Once:

[*] Install ROM: If you want to flash or install Stock ROM, then head over to How to install Stock ROM on Malata L550 page.

[*] Hard Reset: If you want to Reset your Mobile Device, then head over to How to Hard Reset Malata L550 page.

[*] Fact: ROM is the operating system of the Mobile device, which can also be termed as Firmware and Flash File.

[*] Credits: Big thanks to the MediaTek for their SN Write Tool. Without using the SN Write Tool, the above tutorial was not possible.

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